Home-equity lines bedeviling Americans – MarketWatch

Home-equity lines bedeviling Americans
Most home-equity lines, for instance, allow borrowers to make interest-only payments for the first few years of the loan. But after that period, borrowers have to start paying down the principal. Faced with a much higher monthly payment, many borrowers

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Home-equity outlook grows brighter in much of country
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
But one key housing number that hasn't gotten as much attention — yet directly affects the financial health of millions of Americans — is home equity. Thanks to the big gains in home values, total home-equity balances have grown by more than $ 2

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National home prices jump 12% in May
Los Angeles Times
But CoreLogic said last month that it expected the sharp increases to ease as new homes were built and more homeowners escaped their negative equity positions, freeing them up to sell. CoreLogic economist Sam Khater said last month to expected a 

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Smart things to know about home equity loans
Economic Times
1) The value of a property, minus any outstanding loans on it, is regarded as home equity. Banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) may be willing to lend using this equity as collateral. 2) If the value of your property has appreciated since

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